We Take care of all Physical Science needs
More Than Just a Cloud Service Provider
Desktop &  End-User Support
Server & Network Management
AMATECHNOLOGY's IT Unit Have expertise in analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation phases.
We have professionals working with different operating system and platforms namely Windows, UNIX, Linux and Dos etc.
Also have efficiently managed the team and took care in delivering quality deliverables from our team which proved our managerial and leadership skill
Medical Radiation Technology 
We design Artificial Resolution in Medical Radiation Technology.
We have Medical radiation technicians to  explain the x-ray imaging procedures to patients
We limit the amount of x-ray exposure to the  patient by covering them with lead shielding  material and by limiting the beam of x-rays.

Over 10 Years Of Technological Experience

Justification of practice in Medical Radiation Technology society.

To have a proper balance between content generations, research in critical areas relating to imparting of education and connectivity for integrating our knowledge with the Advancements in other countries.

Building Partnership
Workforce Planning & Development
Workforce Support
Professional Services & Programme Development.